Your Travel Through Life

People And Your Travel Through Life

As we travel through life we cannot help but meet and in turn, lose touch with a lot of people. It has been said that everyone we meet and know, comes into our life for a reason. Some of them are there for us to learn from, some of them are there for us to love, and some are there for other reasons – many times it is up to us to figure that reason out. But the point is, every interaction we have has a purpose. We can gain something from it if we put a little effort into the process.

Deep Thoughts About Your Travel Through Life

We can even think things through on a deeper level and evaluate the ‘person’ we have been over the years. When you think about the person you were 10 or 15 years ago, do you feel that you have changed any? Have you changed for the better?

It can be easy to decide if your values and ethics are in the right place, but what about matters of the heart or issues that concern your basic wants and desires? For instance, when you think about the person you were 10 or 15 years ago, what did that person dream of? What was an ideal day like for that person? Did that person have long term goals? If so, have you reached any of them?

A Challenge For You Regarding Your Travel Through Life

Your challenge for today is to consider the people in your life and the people that have been there. Don’t overlook that special person you see in the mirror day after day. Think about these people and your travel through life. Consider why each of them has crossed your paths and walked with you through part of your life journey. Value each of them for that. Most of all, value you for who you are and how you have grown.

If you are not satisfied with how far you have come in the past 10 years, make plans now to make the next years more productive and brighter. Think about why you enter the lives of others and what they can learn from you. These deep thoughts can be the start of a new beginning or a great way to continue a wonderful travel through life!

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Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Out Of Debt

How To Use The Law of Attraction To Get Out Of Debt

It really is possible to overcome money problems and have complete control over debt. When you learn how to use the Law of Attraction to get out of debt your world becomes a more pleasant place to be. You just have to keep in mind that what you are experiencing was caused by the non-physical. In other words, thoughts and the images that you hold in your mind have simply mirrored themselves by allowing the law of attraction to manifest those conditions into your reality.

This can be changed by changing the way you think. Learn to rewire your mind to understand that you are responsible for creating your world and you have the power to make your world as wonderful as you want it to be. Follow the simple steps below to get started on your way to a better life and to use the Law of Attraction to get out of debt.

Step One -

Your thoughts have been that money is difficult to obtain and that you are struggling. These beliefs have been translated or manifested into your present condition. Focus on the fact that you have control over money – it does not control you. And with those thoughts you can more easily ‘feel good’ when thoughts of money come up.

Step Two -

Learn to develop and trust the relationship you have with your inner voice. Tust that inner self to supply the answers you need.

Step Three -

Be open to guidance that is offered to you. Look for positives in the world and take note of what they can teach you. Always envision a bright future for yourself and believe that you will achieve it. The Universe will work to make it happen and to send to you the help you need to get to that marvelous place.

Step Four -

Surround yourself with thoughts, people, and the type of environment that makes you feel wealthy and better about life. Create thoughts of wealth and believe in them. That is how to use the Law of Attraction to get out of debt. To learn more please click on the image below…

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Are You Blaming Others For Your Problems?

Are You Blaming Others For Your Problems?

Everyone has certain problems in his or her life. Some of us deal with health problems or financial worries and others have relationships that are disappointing or frustrating. The truth is, there are lots of things that can be considered a problem. But it is never okay to blame others for your problems. If you are blaming others for your problems you are aiming your energy in the wrong direction.

It is true that other people can play extreme roles in the creation of our problems – but we are responsible for taking control of the issues we deal with.

Stop Blaming Others For Your Problems & Move Forward

A key to moving forward is realizing that you have to move forward. Use whatever lessons you have learned from the past to create a better future. This does not mean you should dwell on the past, nor does it mean you should forget it. Just accept it for what it is – the past. You are right here, right now – in this moment.

You cannot change what happened last year, last month, or last week. But you do have control over how you will react in the future – to the same, similar or new circumstances.

Blaming Others For Your Problems Prevents You From Creating The Life You Want

Be open to life’s lessons and learn from them. Accept the fact that life comes with certain problems and frustrations. Work to achieve a mindset of accepting problems as learning opportunities. then you can more easily look for the lesson and use that new-found knowledge to make your life easier. blaming others for your problems will not help – you have to make your life what you want it to be!

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Achieving The Things We Believe In

Achieving The Things We Believe In

Achieving the things we believe in makes us feel empowered. It can boost our confidence and make us feel better about life in general. But have you ever worked hard to achieve something that you believed in, only to find that your efforts were going nowhere? This can be particularly frustrating for those of us that have always heard the phrase – ‘believe and you will achieve‘.

We end up wondering what we are doing wrong in the way we believe. We question whether we have truly been practicing the principles of the Laws of Attraction. Our frustrations and self-questioning can soon turn into feelings of tension and a lack of self-confidence.

Achieving the things we believe in with stress management

The good news is there are ways to master the concept of ‘believe and you will achieve.’ One of the best ways to deal with this is to get involved in some stress management exercises. These exercises can help you become more focused by helping to clear your mind – that allows you to focus strictly on your true goal(s).

Even though you can use stress management exercises in this way, you should know that this will not result in immediate achievement of your goals. However, with a strong belief and dedicated effort – and a straightforward focus – you can achieve the things you believe in. Just be patient and stay committed.

Besides stress management exercises and tools you need to know that the people in your life are your support system – and they are in fact, a complete stress management program. With that in mind, it is very important to nurture those relationships.

Strategies that help us in achieving the things we believe in

Additionally, in order to minimize the stress in your life you have to take care of you. This includes doing things like taking breaks to do the things you enjoy doing, taking trips, and basically, taking the time and resources needed to pamper and treat yourself to the fun things in life that make you happy. Some things you may find helpful in stress management include meditation and yoga. Also learn about and practice breathing exercises. Click on the image below to learn more about ways to empower yourself and information related to achieving the things we believe in.

Personal Mastery Methods

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How You Can Use Binaural Beats

How You Can Use Binaural Beats

In order to know how to use binaural beats you have to first learn what they are. In essence, binaural beats are a meditation tool. When you use these beats as you meditate you can quickly and easily reach an altered state of consciousness. The beats work by altering your brainwaves to the desired frequency through the use of external tones.

An Introduction To The Concept & How You Can Use Binaural Beats

To briefly explain, if you make a tone of 100.00 hz into the left ear and then a tone of 107.00 hz into the right ear, your brain makes a natural tone of the difference, 7.0 hz. As 7.0 hz is the tone that is on the border of Alpha, or light relaxation, and Theta, which is deep relaxation, hypnosis, and dreams.

It is possible to train the mind to reach these states through meditation and other methods, but the use of binaural beats streamlines the entire process. It is best if binaural beats are listened to through headphones.

Nowadays there are countless combinations of binaural beats available on the market. It can be said that ‘straight forward’ beats have a sound similar to a ‘Wah, Wah, Wah’ noise. When binaural beats are overlayed with other sounds, such as soft meditation music or nature sounds, or even overlayed with hypnotic scripts designed to deal with specific problem areas (weight issues, confidence, etc.), the beats can work as a quick pathway to the desired state for hypnosis.

How You Can Use Binaural Beats Depends On Finding The Right Combination

Binaural beats can be likened to subliminal messages – in fact, these beats can be combined with subliminal messages as the messages can be embedded with the beats.

While one method or combination may work well for one person, another individual may find that a different combination will work better for him or her. In other words, you may need to experiment a bit to find the perfect mix for you. There are lots of articles available that discuss how you can use binaural beats. As time goes on I will be adding more information here at the site.Binaural Beats

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Yoga, Meditation, And Self-Hypnosis

Yoga, Meditation, and Self-Hypnosis

Although yoga, meditation, and self-hypnosis are inter-related, they are very different concepts. These are practices that have been in existence for a very long time – and they have essentially revolutionized the very concept of self-healing.

A Brief History Of Yoga, Meditation, And Self-Hypnosis

Although we are not certain of the exact origin of yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis, scholars say that the origins and practice of yoga and meditation can be traced to the Indus Valley civilization. Even though it is well recognized that these practices give the practitioner a sense of well being and peace it was recently that they become popular across the world.

Considered as alternate methods of healing and self-healing, the practices have existed for hundreds of year’s in spite of efforts to discourage them by various vested interests, for example, the practices of yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis have sometimes been frowned upon by various fundamentalists and dogmatists.

Yoga, Meditation, And Self-HypnosisAccording to research, the reasons that some groups discouraged self-hypnosis, meditation and yoga is because they wanted to have control over people -and these methodologies allow one to have control over one’s well being in every sense of the term (physical, mental & spiritual).

In some places throughout the world these practices were forbidden. The goal was to keep people ‘in the dark’ about such things as spirituality. This allowed those in control to remain in control. Yoga takes us to a higher plane and a higher level of consciousness. So people who practice yoga cannot easily be manipulated according to the whims and fancies of certain people.

Yoga, Meditation, And Self-Hypnosis And You

Consider all the sages who found true self-realization and more through yoga. In the present day of gadgets, where we have some gadget or other to do almost anything and everything we want, we still have no time for ourselves – no time to take care of our well being, our spirituality, of self awakening.

Who or what is holding you back from practicing yoga? What about meditation or self-hypnosis? You will find that answer in yourself my friend! Why not take a few moments to yourself, time to put your feet up and relax, time to think. There are countless benefits to be gained by practicing yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis. This is the ultimate in terms of self-improvement – you will be more relaxed and calm and able to deal with the realities of life more confidently. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!Yoga, Meditation, And Self-Hypnosis

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Excuses And Stress

Excuses And Stress

Are you a procrastinator? Do you tend to put things off or perhaps you simply cut corners on the things you do? Do you find yourself making excuses for not getting things done or for the shoddy work you do? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions – especially the last one, then you will probably find this concept very interesting; excuses and stress go hand in hand…

Why is that? When you think about it the answer is rather logical – making up excuses is almost like telling a lie. And when we cannot be totally honest, we actually have to think a little harder than we would if we simply told things like they really are. Plus, when you are not totally honest, as in, when you give excuses, your stress level goes up.

stress and anxiety ebookSo what can you do to minimize or even eliminate this dilemma?

Take things one step at a time. Begin by taking a close look at why you postpone things or why you cut corners when you’re working.

For some people this may be due to the fact that they tend to ‘take on’ more than they can handle. Because they feel overwhelmed with the workload it is simply easier to put the tasks off. The dread of getting started however, may be worse than the job itself. This can result in feeling compelled to ‘cut corners’ in order to get the job completed on time.

When we analyze this it is easy to understand that each of these situations can result in stress. And when we feel the need to ‘explain away’ our procrastination or other dilemma with excuses, we add to that stress. The end result is a vicious cycle that will continue unless we make the effort to make changes.

One of the key ways to do that is to use caution in the projects you agree to take on. Learn to say ‘no’. Don’t take on more than you can handle. When you limit the things on your ‘to do list’ you will feel more confident about getting them done. That will help ensure you will get started on them promptly and have plenty of time to complete them without cutting corners. In the end, you won’t have to make any excuses and therefore, your stress level will be decreased. It is possible to end the cycle of excuses and stress.

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Let Your Inner Voice Guide You

Let Your Inner Voice Guide You

[This is an excerpt from the book, "How To Develop The Right Mindset For Success", I hope you enjoy it! :) ]

All of us have an inner voice. This inner voice is called many things, including each of the following; intuition, sub-conscious or conscious, a gut feeling, our Higher Power, spiritual guide, and more. Whatever you call this inner voice, it is real, and it is powerful. Each of us needs to learn to listen to this voice. The reality is that it does not lie to us and it does not steer us in the wrong direction. We just need to learn to listen to it in order to decipher the message correctly.

Some of us have developed this skill and others seem to have ignored the fact that we have an inner voice that is extremely intelligent. The good news is that we all have this inner power. WE can develop this.

There’s no real secret to unleashing our full potential, we just have to get in touch with our self. We may need to quietly contemplate whatever it is that we want to accomplish. The steps we need to take may be obvious or they may come to us slowly, over a period of time. They may even come to us in the middle of the night.

WE must be prepared to jot down these ideas when they do come. By ‘listening’ to our inner voice we can learn to do our best all the time in an easier way. In essence, we can find our way to success more quickly.

As you climb the ladder of success you will need to constantly work at visualizing where you want to end up and being open to that inner voice. But don’t expect things to magically happen. Thoughts without action are useless. You will need to budget for success.

This includes budgeting your time, money and other resources. Keep in mind that nothing is free. Even if something only costs time, your time is extremely precious – once spent you can never get it back. Therefore, in many cases you may opt to outsource rather than do things yourself. This is a great way to ‘save’.

Learn to always spend less than you make and to put some of what you make back into your business or toward your dream. Work at eliminating negative forces from your life. This could be anything at all including an unhealthy lifestyle or a bad habit.

In essence, anything that could distract from positivity should be limited. Negative forces can lead to problems that require time and attention – that time and attention is that much less time and attention you will have to spend on your goals.

Work diligently to make money and to save money. Set your priorities and stick with them.

Planning is vital to your success.


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How You Can Be More Creative In Life

How You Can Be More Creative In Life

Creativity can be used to fill all sorts of gaps in life. If you are a ‘creative person’ you can find ways to improvise and move forward, even when life isn’t going your way. And the best part is, all of us have an innate ability to be creative. Would you like to learn tips about how you can be more creative in life? Keep reading….

The reality is, money and materialistic things are not what we need in our lives. We simply need to be creative. Have you ever noticed that the most successful people are those that are creative? They allow themselves to go with the flow – not the flow of everyone else – but the flow of their own thoughts and reasonings. They allow themselves to be creative.

On the other hand, we can see people that struggle to be creative. They either do not ‘come up with ideas spontaneously’, or they are a bit apprehensive about acting on those creative ideas. Fortunately, there are some ways to become more creative. And you will just have to trust that these methods are worthwhile – the truth is, some will be more effective for one person than they will be for another. So you will have to experiment a bit to see what works best for you. But one of the keys is trusting yourself enough to at least ‘try’ your own creative ideas.

Creativity EbookTry some activities that will stimulate your mind. Puzzles are great – for example, try some crossword puzzles. These puzzles force you to ‘think’ – in most cases you won’t automatically know the answer, but you will be able to come up with something to ‘work with’ or build on in order to help you find the answer.

Working such puzzles actually help you think more clearly. You learn to think in a systematic way and to rationally rule out the things that won’t work, narrowing your choices down to things that have a real potential of working. This helps stimulate creativity that will be useful not only in solving crossword puzzles, but also in all areas of your life.

But of course, not everyone enjoys puzzles. The good news is, there are lots of ways to stimulate your creative juices. Exercise can be great. In fact, taking the time to enjoy a relaxing walk or even an invigorating jog can be an excellent way to ‘clear your mind’ from any stress and frustrations you may be feeling – and to open it up to more creative pathways.

Another option is reading. A book can take you to another world. And once again, this will take your mind off your ‘real world’ concerns and free you to think about new things in new ways. As you read you may be a hero in the story or you may be the victim of a tragic situation, but you will have an opportunity to ‘think outside the box’ which is a great way to inspire creativity. If you don’t particularly like to read then why not try watching a movie?

One other suggestion is to do some people watching. But don’t just watch the people – as you look at them, analyze them a bit and make up your own stories about them. You decide why they are where they are and what their purpose is for the day. The more elaborate your stories become, the better! This is a fun way to pass some time at the mall or other public setting.

Creativity comes from inspiration – but you need to first clear your mind of stress and worries. Open your mind up to ‘explore’ and allow yourself to have fun with ideas. You have a natural ability to be creative and if you follow these tips you will definitely find that you can be more creative in life! To learn more please click on the image below…Cracking Creativity


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Are You Waiting On Your Life?

Are You Waiting On Your Life?

Have you ever felt as though you’re waiting on your life? At my weaker moments I let myself feel that way and I always regret it. I’m going to use myself as an example in this post. Yesterday I was writing all day, working on articles for myself and for clients. I also created several webpages for another site. But after loading the last page – the server crashed. Okay, if you happen to know what I was dealing – unfortunately – then you can relate to my frustration.

First of all, because I had loaded the pages from a notepad file – I deleted the files as soon as I had them loaded… That was a valuable lesson in itself. Never delete the file until you are sure that it won’t be needed.

I reported the server crash to my web host and they were immediately started working on the problem – but it took hours – and by that, I mean, hours and hours. When the server was back up I found that the pages I had last loaded were gone. The server was somehow only backed up to a certain point – and that did not include the last few hours before the crash. That meant that not only was the last page I loaded gone, but so was the others. More frustration.

Upon that realization I was online with tech support being told that they were trying to find a way to recover my lost content. This went on for about another hour. I did ask support if I should assume the content was lost and start it again, but I was told to submit a ticket and wait for a response via email.

After a long wait the dreaded email came that told me the content was indeed lost. So here’s my point – I spent hours of time waiting – waiting to see when the server would be back up, then waiting to see if my content would be recovered. In the end, the time I spent waiting could have been better spent re-doing the work I did yesterday. I could have had the pages ready to post again when the server came back up. Even better – if I was as wise as I am now, I would have kept the notepad files and all I would have needed to do is re-load the pages.

Okay – lessons learned.

The point is this – all night I felt as though things were ‘on hold’ and I felt that ‘hold’ was being placed on me by the fact that the server crashed and the technicians could not get it back up quickly enough. This scenario can be applied to many situations in life. Are you waiting for the motivation to do whatever it is in life that you know you want or need to do? Are you waiting for the right person to come along? Are you waiting on a raise or the lottery to end your money problems?

Each of us have to find ways to focus on what or who we want to be and then take actions to help us achieve that. The key is taking action. We have to assign a real value to our time, our energy, and our money. And, believe it or not, to the real estate in our minds. Okay, I may be a little off on that one, but this is what I mean – I spent hours stressed out about the lost content that I worked on yesterday. Rather than stressing I could have been more productive. I could have created totally new content that could be used to replace the content – just in case it was found to be totally lost, or the new content would be used for other purposes. Either way, I would have been doing something productive rather than simply being stressed and frustrated.

Another option for that situation would have been to do something else productive – like clean out a closet. Crazy idea – right? Well, it would have gotten my mind off the problem, and in the end, my closet would be neat and orderly and I would be ready to go shopping when my work is caught up. Not a bad alternative to stress and frustration!

We cannot control everything in our lives, but we can control how we react to the chaos and life’s little surprises. It does take discipline, practice, and more practice! Learning to give ourselves the option to make choices about what we do puts us in control and that helps reduce our stress and frustration. The end result is a feeling of empowerment, even when things aren’t going like you want them to. Try to find a lesson in life’s experiences – there’s almost always something you can learn. And remember to stop waiting on your life!

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